Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between "first grade" and "second grade" stone?

A: First grade is as perfect as mother nature and human hand can make it. Second grade is flawed in some way (a filled natural pocket, numerous naturally occurring healed fractures, or perhaps the cut is not exactly square). In addition, quantities of second grade material are subject to availablity...we do not intentionally make imperfect pieces, they sporadically happen. Second grade merchandise may not be returned for credit or exchange, they may not be matched, and drilling can be difficult.


Q: May I get a free sample?                                                            

A: No. That would create a situation that could quickly get out of hand. But to help, we have established one of the smallest minimum order requirements in the industry (see below).


Q: What is your minimum order requirements?

A: One piece or ten dollars, whichever is greater.


Q: Can you make custom items?

A: Yes, but as you might expect, there are larger minimums and longer production times to contend with. Lead times and minimums will vary depending on the items your need. Please call or email for details.


Q: Can we order a SPECIFIC color of stone?

A: Our stone is catagorized by color type. Every piece is unique, that is its beauty and character. If you need 50 identical clones, or if you require an exact color shade, then you need to order plastic.....not stone.


Q: Can you match stone pieces to each other when they are used together in a single award?

A: Yes.


Q:What is the shipping time?

A: We ship most items the same day they are ordered. How fast it gets to you depends on what shipping method you select.


Q: What are the shipping costs?

A: Our usual method of shipment is UPS. Their charges to you are a function of distance, weight, and number of boxes. We charge $1.50 per box to cover material expenses.

If the above didn't answer your questions fill out this simple form and we'll answer your questions personally.

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