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Welcome to Jon-Ko's wholesale medals component site. Not every business on the web is new. Purchase with confidence, knowing that we have over 50 years of experience supplying better quality products to companies around the world. We feature hand finished stone components, unique medals packaging and presentation vehicles as well as a broad array of other related items.


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     Located in San Diego California, Jon-Ko Trophy Products Inc supplies the finest in wholesale trophy components. We offer a full line of trophies, plaques, and medallions. All our awards are completely customizable for your customers. We also offer premium packaging and shipping supplies to get the finished trophy or medals to your customer in a appealing and serviceable manner. Please browse our full color catalog of trophies, medalions, plaques, engraveables and much, much more...... for your medals!

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Q: What is the difference between "first grade" and "second grade" stone?

A: First grade is as perfect as mother nature and human hand can make it. Second grade is flawed in some way (a filled natural pocket, numerous naturally occurring healed fractures, or perhaps the cut is not exactly square). In addition, quantities of second grade material are subject to availablity...we do not intentionally make imperfect pieces, they sporadically happen. Second grade merchandise may not be returned for credit or exchange, they may not be matched, and drilling can be difficult

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